I had a moment of quiet today.  An incredible thing.  I had written a number of pages for the last assignment of my last class for the semester.  Jon wasn’t home yet.  I gathered a few books and a blanket and burrowed down by the Christmas tree, like I did when I was little.  There wasn’t a lot of noise outside. Nothing inside.  But even more, there was quiet in myself.  The books I’ve been reading are bringing me to a place of cognitive agreement (which may not last long).  Some questions are finding answers.  I was feeling completely well, which is not deserved or a given.  I had complete stillness inside and out.  I was very grateful.

Jon came home and took a picture.  Which is also a happy thing.

Finally done editing Brittany’s senior photos.  Clearly, she is a beautiful girl.  AND, she was patient while I shot, edited, and am (now) mailing her photos in the midst of moving, taking a double course load, and starting a real(ish) job.  Thank you, Brittany!  Taking pictures with you was so laid back, relaxing.  It was a pleasure.  Hanging out with the horse was pretty cool too.  Brittany, I hope you enjoy them.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your life for afternoon!